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New Transportation Technologies to be showcased at NATRANS Expo

NATRANS exposition can raise the curtain on its ordinal edition at the United Arab Emirates’s capital National Exhibition Centre on Oct twenty five and twenty six, 2016. The event is control below the patronage of His personage Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, and Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime.

The two-day event can feature the foremost advanced technologies across a good vary of applications in today’s sensible cities; from Road & Traffic, sensible parking solutions, automatic incident & real time traffic measurement, signals, nationwide practical ETC systems, railroad line & rail infrastructure comes, maritime and ports, security solutions to inexperienced town buses and autonomous vehicles.

One of the most important exhibitors Luis Angulo, Chief business Officer at KBC Networks, commented: “The transportation sector could be a extremely vital marketplace for KBC. we’ve completed variety of comes within the geographic area region based mostly round the transmission of secure, encrypted video, voice and information over public, 4G networks with our ThruLink series – it’s excellent for transportation and sensible cities applications”.

“There square measure variety of things that create the UAE a very important marketplace for us: its well-developed infrastructure; the continuing developments and concrete designing initiatives; the provision of top quality, mobile networks, and end-users WHO not solely demand subtle and high performance networks, however WHO also are excited by new technologies. These factors create the UAE the best setting for KBC’s product – and dealing with its customers challenges U.S.A. to deliver higher and a lot of innovative communications solutions”. Angulo supplementary.

Two Technical Conferences are going to be running parallel to the event; one conference are going to be discussing property transportation and one are going to be dedicated to IoT in transportation. The conferences aim to be the industry’s meeting purpose for all prime transport professionals. it’ll deliver a various line from trade consultants, lecturers and market leaders with over 75+ speakers from thirty countries and over three hundred delegates. each conferences can discuss the terribly latest within the way forward for transportation systems. Key topics include: sensible Infrastructure, way forward for Parking, sensible Ports and Planes, Hyperloop, walkability, IoT implementation and also the 2030 vision.

Earlier this month, NATRANS exposition and also the Diplomatic Council, a world company in consultive standing with the international organisation, have entered into a extensive cooperation. The Diplomatic Council are going to be diagrammatical at the conference by Steef Korfker, Chairman DC world E-Mobility Forum, WHO can deliver a oratory on “Sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure”.

Korfker can introduce the three-tier model for the switch to a globally property energy offer that focuses on electrical quality because the key component. The Diplomatic Council, a world organisation headed by diplomats and business leaders, supports authorities in relevance bit by bit convert their transportation infrastructure to e-mobility. In state, the Diplomatic Council already has with success completed a run that is taken into account a flagship project worldwide. The project aims at the conversion of the three-wheelers, that square measure utilized by a majority of the population, to electrical quality. “In an outsized a part of Asia, electrical tuk tuks will play a significant role in reducing air pollution. Funding programmes of the govt. will contribute to achieving a turnaround within the energy transition.” aforesaid Korfker.



Akin Adamson, geographic area Director of Transport research lab (TRL), commented: “Technology is disrupting all areas of transport — from the quality selections of customers, to giant scale changes to move infrastructure and also the means Pine Tree State move individuals and product around cities”.

“Globally, we have a tendency to square measure seeing the emergence of 4 key megatrends that square measure driving more amendment within the transport trade. These square measure electrification, automation, property and shared quality. However, it’s very important that the implications of those megatrends square measure absolutely understood in order that amendment is introduced safely and effectively. TRL’s freelance, evidence-based approach and programmes of analysis and innovation square measure enjoying a crucial role in making certain that changes within the way forward for transport system square measure safe, clean, affordable, accessible and economical.” Adamson supplementary.

Alex Heuff, Exhibition Director, added: “NATRANS exposition celebrates the fashionable age of transportation and can specialize in the impact of technology and style across all sectors, that is presently evolving at associate unbeatable rate. NATRANS exposition is that the solely event in its sector that brings the trade along to remodel the means transportation is each activated and consumed within the future. The event can showcase varied options permitting the audience to expertise the long run of their various trade or field. we glance forward to hospitable everybody in United Arab Emirates’s capital next month”.

NATRANS exposition is predicted to draw in many guests over the 2 days. With the support of the Federal Transport Authority Land and Maritime, the event is sponsored by Honeywell, Lean Park and KORE; with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies because the Strategic Partner. many huge players within the market will be collaborating at the event, like MASDAR town, Omnix, Fybr, Aeromobil, Mitsubishi, XRAIL, Emirates Driving Company and plan of action Partners AECOM and ATKINS.