• Wednesday 24th , January 2018 | बुधबार, माघ १०, २०७४

Brazil and Colombia Unleash Transgenic Mosquitos to Fight Zika


In Brazil, 1.5 million folks are infected by Zika.
An army of immeasurable genetically changed mosquitoes are discharged in areas of Brazil and South American country to deal with mosquito-borne diseases like Zika and chikungunya.

The insects ar infected with a bug referred to as Wolbachia that reduces their ability to unfold viruses to folks. The mosquitoes can mate with the native insects and unfold throughout wild populations.

The project is funded by a global team of donors with AN investment of US$18 million.

A total of forty six countries have according some level of proof of Zika infections and up to one hundred thirty countries ar home to the two-winged insects|Aedes aegypti|mosquito} mosquito that carries the virus, which means the ultimate unfold may be huge.

In Brazil alone, 1.5 million folks are infected by Zika with over three,500 cases of abnormality according between October 2015 and Gregorian calendar month 2016, consistent with the planet Health Organization.

Much remains unknown regarding Zika, but infection throughout physiological condition may end in abnormality and different brain malformations in babies.

There is no glorious immunizing agent for Zika and there are no confirmed deaths related to the virus up to now.