बिहिबार, अशोज २, २०७६ Thursday 19th of September 2019
The 65th meeting of interfaith dialogue for the sake of peace was held in Kiev

Elin Jin, Seoul Korea. Division, Department of Public Relations (International) HWPL. The 65th meeting of World Alliance...

‘France Peace Media Network’ establishes as an important leverage for global peace’

Elin Jin,Seoul. South Korea.   ‘France Peace Media Network’ was launched at the Ibis Porte de Bercy...

Thai People in Bangkok Gathered to Call for Sustainable Peace

Elin Jin, Seoul. As the desire for peace among the citizens in Thailand has been...

“Walk for Peace”, Citizens in Rwanda Walked Together to Spread a Culture of Peace”

“Walk for Peace”, Citizens in Rwanda Walked Together to Spread a Culture of Peace”      ...

NDRC Nepal bags international award for bio-diversity conservation

 National Disaster Risk Reduction Center (NDRC) Nepal has won the Judge & #39’s Choice...

At least 35 killed in New Year gun attack at Istanbul nightclub

At least one gunman shot his way into an Istanbul nightclub packed with hundreds...

2016 Conference in Support of HWPL’s Work for Peace and Cessation of War

Implementation of an international legal document compatible with the DPCW Seoul, Korea–A conference aimed at...

Protests staged in Baneshwor in support of Dr KC

kathmandu- A huge demonstration has been staged in support of Dr Govind KC at...

Chinese president appoints new ambassadors

2016-11-07 BEIJING- Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed nine new ambassadors, upon approval by...

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